Form 2290 Amendments can now be e-filed with IRS.

Do amendments online

Tax form 2290 can now be filed electronically, likewise amendments to 2290 can also be filed electronically with /

Wrong VIN Number

In case you reported a wrong VIN number by mistake, a 2290 tax amendment filing becomes mandatory. Now it is possible to efile amendments for VIN Correction with


Gross Weight Exceeded

In case the gross weight of the heavy vehicle increased from reported 2290, then the tax amendment form filing is required. Now it is possible to efile amendments for increase in gross weight with


Mileage Limit Exceeded

A tax amendment filing is required also in case the heavy highway vehicle mileage limit has exceeded the normal limit. Now it is possible to efile amendments for increase in mileage with

Tax payers need to file a tax amendment to rectify changes or include additional tax information to an e-filed or filed tax return accepted by the IRS. Get more help by calling Customer Support at 1-866-245-3918 or simply write your queries to

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