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Tomorrow is the Last Date to Report Pro-rated Form 2290 for April Used Heavy Vehicles.

Hello, truckers! would like to remind you that Form 2290 HVUT is due on a pro-rated basis for heavy vehicles first used in April 2023. You must report and pay Form 2290 tax reports for April used vehicles by May 31, 2023, which is tomorrow. Therefore, you should not miss the deadline. E-file pro-rated Form 2290 for your April used vehicle on and get the Schedule 1 copy today.

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Why Pre-file Form 2290 on

Hello, truckers! The next tax season is just around the corner, and you should get ready to prepare Form 2290 for TY 2023 – 24 to the IRS within the deadline. Otherwise, the IRS will charge hefty penalties, late charges, and interest on your tax dues. Also, you cannot operate your trucks without a valid Schedule 1 copy which you’ll get after a successful Form 2290 payment. The tax season starts on July 1, 2023, and the IRS starts to accept Form 2290 for TY 2023 – 2024 from around the first week of July. The last date to report Form 2290 for the new tax season is August 31, 2023. Therefore, truckers must ensure to report/pay Form 2290 HVUT and get the IRS Schedule 1 copy within the last date.

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Hello, truckers! The next truck tax season is just a few weeks away. Truckers must get ready to prepare Form 2290 truck taxes and report them to the IRS when they accept truck tax reports on the first week of July 2023. And they must get the stamped Schedule 1 copy within the deadline to smoothly continue their trucking operations on public highways.

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