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Attention truckers and trucking taxpayers! The deadline to report Form 2290 HVIT returns and pay the truck tax dues for the new tax period, 2023-2024, is over on August 31, 2023. It has been a month since the deadline passed to report your taxes and get the IRS Schedule 1 copy. If you haven’t reported your taxes and get the Schedule 1 copy for your heavy highway vehicle, you can still e-file Form 2290 HVUT to the IRS on Tax2290.com. Yes, you heard it right! But you have to pay the penalty for missing the deadline. Remember that the penalty and late fees will rise as you delay reporting your taxes. Also, you have to pay your tax dues with interest for skipping the deadline. So, we suggest you not to delay anymore. E-file Form 2290 today on Tax2290.com, pay the penalties, and get the IRS digitally stamped Schedule 1 copy instantly.

You must report and pay Form 2290 HVUT every tax season.

Every year, the IRS levies the Highway Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) on heavy vehicles and trucks operating on public highways in the United States. Truckers and trucking taxpayers must file their HVUT reports to the IRS at the beginning of the tax period using the IRS Form 2290. To become eligible for Form 2290 tax payments, a heavy vehicle must have a total gross weight of 55,000 pounds or above and be estimated to travel more than 5,000 miles (7500 miles for agricultural vehicles). Truckers with taxable heavy vehicles must report Form 2290 returns and pay the tax dues to the IRS for the entire season within the deadline and get the IRS Schedule 1 copy as proof of payment. Similarly, truckers with heavy vehicles that don’t belong in the taxable category (heavy vehicles with less than 55,000 pounds of total gross weight or travels less than 5,000 miles) should report Form 2290 HVUT to the IRS under the tax-suspended category and get the proper Schedule 1 copy. IRS doesn’t charge any taxes for tax-suspended vehicles.

Schedule 1 copy is mandatory to operate your heavy vehicles.

A tax season starts at the beginning of July every year and ends next June. The last date to report/pay Form 2290 HVUT and get the IRS Schedule 1 copy is the end of August, as per IRS regulations. Therefore, this year’s tax period started in July 2023, and the filing period came to an end on August 31, 2023. For anyone who missed the last date to report the 2290 taxes, the IRS charges penalties, late fees, and interest on tax dues. Also, if you didn’t report Form 2290 on time, you will not get the IRS Schedule 1 copy. Without it, you cannot operate your heavy vehicles or trucks on public highways without running into trouble with the authorities. Also, you cannot register your truck, renew your license or insurance, or do any other formalities with DMV or DOT without a valid Schedule 1 copy. So, act fast! E-file Form 2290 and get your Schedule 1 copy now.

IRS will not give extension to pay your taxes without penalties.

IRS charges 4.5% of the total tax dues on a monthly basis as a penalty for up to five months. Also, the taxpayers are subjected to late charges of up to 0.5% of total tax dues every month, and about 0.54% of tax dues are also charged as interest. Therefore, the penalty, late charges, and interest can make up for a lot of money if you fail to report your taxes on time. The charges may go more than your actual tax amount. Also, the IRS will not give an extension to report Form 2290 HVUT or payment of taxes. If you still want an extension, you have to write personally to the IRS. And if they consider your reason fitting, they will give the extension, and that too for submitting the tax reports. You must pay the tax dues with penalty and interest for missing the deadline.

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So don’t delay any more; E-file Form 2290 HVUT for the current tax season on Tax2290.com and get the valid Schedule 1 copy immediately. Contact our customer support at +1 (866) 245 – 3918 or write to us at support@taxexcise.com for further assistance and to know more about reducing your penalties.