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E-file and Pay Form 2290 Tax Reports Online on Tax2290.com and Make the Smart Move!

Hello, truckers! We are approaching the end of 2023, and the holiday season is approaching. We are so thankful for your support in ending this year and feel enthusiastic about welcoming the new year. This message is for every new user who chose Tax2290.com as your Form 2290 e-filing platform this year. Yes, you made the smart move in choosing the right e-filing service vendor. Also, we call out to all truckers and trucking taxpayers to make the smart move as your fellow truckers and choose Tax2290.com. Our platform is the real game changer, offering a seamless and worthwhile Form 2290 e-filing experience. You can prepare and pay Form 2290 online and get the instant IRS watermarked Schedule 1 copy directly to your registered email address.

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Missed the Deadline, don’t worry! E-file Form 2290 Now and Reduce your Penalties Today!

Attention truckers and trucking taxpayers! The deadline to report Form 2290 HVIT returns and pay the truck tax dues for the new tax period, 2023-2024, is over on August 31, 2023. It has been a month since the deadline passed to report your taxes and get the IRS Schedule 1 copy. If you haven’t reported your taxes and get the Schedule 1 copy for your heavy highway vehicle, you can still e-file Form 2290 HVUT to the IRS on Tax2290.com. Yes, you heard it right! But you have to pay the penalty for missing the deadline. Remember that the penalty and late fees will rise as you delay reporting your taxes. Also, you have to pay your tax dues with interest for skipping the deadline. So, we suggest you not to delay anymore. E-file Form 2290 today on Tax2290.com, pay the penalties, and get the IRS digitally stamped Schedule 1 copy instantly.

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Pro-rated Form 2290 Taxes for April Used Vehicles are Due by the End of This Month.

Hello, truckers! IRS charges form 2290 truck taxes on a pro-rated or partial period basis for the heavy vehicles first used away from the tax period. Truckers with heavy vehicles that are put to use or with newly purchased any other month away from July must pay the heavy highway vehicle use tax on a pro-rated basis to the IRS. These pro-rated taxes are calculated based on the heavy vehicles or trucks’ first used month. Truckers must estimate the taxes, pay them within the deadline and get the IRS-stamped Schedule 1 copy as proof of payment. Without a proper Schedule 1 copy, you cannot operate your trucks on public highways, and you can’t register your newly purchased heavy vehicles.

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Form 2290 HVUT pro-rated taxes for the trucks first used in February 2023 is due on March 31, 2023.

Hello truckers and taxpayers, it’s time to report your form 2290 truck taxes for your heavy vehicles first used in February 2023. The pro-rated form 2290 truck taxes for the heavy vehicles or trucks first used in February are due by March 31, 2023. So, we request all the truckers with heavy vehicles first used in February to report your form 2290 truck taxes in Tax2290.com and get the schedule 1 copy to smoothly operate your trucks.

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Few key points on reporting form 2290 truck taxes to the IRS.

File Form 2290.

You can file your form 2290 highway use tax by directly visiting the IRS office or by e-filing form 2290 through Tax2290.com and instantly getting an IRS schedule 1 copy.

Eligibility to file Form 2290 HVUT.

Your truck should have a total gross weight above 55,000 Lbs. and should cross 5000 miles (7500 for agricultural vehicles) on public highways. You should estimate these criteria and file your form 2290 road tax in advance.

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