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Struggles Of Independence- 4th Of July

Independence Day, the day when United States of America was declared free and an independent nation. The citizens of America regards this day as the birthday of USA. Some Americans simply call it the “Fourth Of July” on which date it always falls.

The holiday recalls the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. At that time, the people of the 13 British colonies located along the eastern coast of what is now the United States were involved in a war over what they considered unjust treatment by the king and parliament in Britain. The war began in 1775. As the war continued, the colonists realized that they were fighting not just for better treatment; they were fighting for freedom from England’s rule. The Declaration of Independence, signed by leaders from the colonies, stated this clearly, and for the first time in an official document, the colonies were referred to as the United States of America. Continue reading

State DMV’s request for 2011-2012 Schedule 1 copy

Recently, some of our customers have been querying us that their state DMV’s are requesting them now to show a copy of their 2011-2012 schedule 1 copies for the registration renewal of their heavy vehicles and that they don’t possess it. They were further confused as to how DMV could have registered their vehicles for the period 2011-2012 when they didn’t have their schedule 1 copies in hand.

Here’s the answer from your ever trustable e-file software provider, tax2290. Continue reading

Tax form 2290 Questions – Reporting Suspended Vehicles

Recently, we had a question from one of our customers. The answers we usually give our customers in return to their Form 2290 related queries are so good that they don’t come back with another question pertaining to the same. For more reviews on us, click here. Anyways, we thought we should share one such answer to all our readers so that when they face similar situations with respect to trucker’s tax filing, they find answers themselves over the internet.

Q: A vehicle was filed as a suspended vehicle last year and was transferred / sold to someone, which was eligible for suspension at the time of the transfer. Should that be reported in this year’s form 2290?

A: When a taxable vehicle is sold before the end of the tax year everyone remembers to report it because they get a credit on the taxes paid on that vehicle. As per the form 2290 Part II Line 9, any vehicle reported as suspended in the  prior year that was sold or transferred to a third party before the end of the tax year, has to be reported. This is to let the IRS know that the vehicle was eligible for suspension of taxes during the transfer. It should also have the person’s name it was transferred to and the date it was sold/transferred. Continue reading

Things to know/do after filing form 2290

It’s always a great thing to have filed and paid your taxes on time. By filing form 2290 and paying the applicable heavy vehicle use tax due amounts to the IRS, you have done your part in helping the Federal government maintain good highway roads for your use as well as for the public. The IRS will now perform its duty to forward the collected amounts to the treasury and from there to the respective states for road maintenance activities. While you take your vehicle for official or unofficial outing through the highways from now on, you can be proud of travelling on healthy roads, constructed with your important contribution.

The highway roads will definitely pay off well in return to your tax returns with reduced number of accidents, time and money savings, increased mobility, congestion ease, decreased energy consumption, boosted air quality and so on and on. So, dear filers who have paved way for such a contribution by filing your returns through our IRS authorized e-file software, taxexcise, it was indeed a great pleasure for us to have served you!

You are introduced to two more things now, after having filed and paid your HVUT returns. They are,

Filing Amendments

If you have to make any corrections on the VIN for which you have filed your returns already or if you fall into a new category of increased gross weight from what you had mentioned or if your suspended vehicle increased from the specified mileage numbers, you have to file form 2290 amendment with the IRS. It’s a cake walk, if you are doing it all through us. Choose the option you are entitled to and make the necessary changes, make payments if applicable, transmit to the IRS out of a button click and get your schedule 1 copy within minutes. Otherwise, you will have to experience the difficulties and headaches in paper filing when compared to e-filing.

Claiming refunds

“I have overpaid my tax due to a silly mistake that I have done while filing form 2290“

“Someone has destroyed my vehicle out of vengeance or I don’t know why”

“Who the hell stole my vehicle?”

“What next? I have sold my vehicle off to him!”

“I have used my vehicle less than 5000 miles last year”,

If you hear your mind whispering or screaming any of these or any such kind, it’s high time you proceed to claiming refunds. The IRS is so considerate and understanding of its countrymen that they have such options to support with refunds for the above inferred conditions. For more details related to form 2290 refund claims and when they can be claimed, click here. Thanks to them! And, not to forget, for claiming refunds that you acquire out of filed form 2290s, you have to use our tax8849 schedule 6 (Other claims). You go to and it will guide your pockets to getting filled with your refunded as soon as possible after approval from the IRS.

HVUT online filing high spots!

Scanning our e-file application from outside might make you wonder how good the inside story might be. You have free trials as answers on the go. But getting to know in detail about what would cheer you inside when you are outside is always a pleasure. As you know, we always work for your tax filing pleasure and satisfaction. So, here’s a list. Continue reading