Struggles Of Independence- 4th Of July

Independence Day, the day when United States of America was declared free and an independent nation. The citizens of America regards this day as the birthday of USA. Some Americans simply call it the “Fourth Of July” on which date it always falls.

The holiday recalls the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. At that time, the people of the 13 British colonies located along the eastern coast of what is now the United States were involved in a war over what they considered unjust treatment by the king and parliament in Britain. The war began in 1775. As the war continued, the colonists realized that they were fighting not just for better treatment; they were fighting for freedom from England’s rule. The Declaration of Independence, signed by leaders from the colonies, stated this clearly, and for the first time in an official document, the colonies were referred to as the United States of America.

What Can You Possibly Do This Year on 4th of July?

Usually, the day is packed with picnics and patriotic parades, night concerts and firework. The American flag is saluted and flying high (which occurs on Memorial Day and other holidays) is widespread.

So this time, you can possibly do something different and memorable so that you remember all your days till you revisit this day next year.

Here Is The List Of Things You Can Do On 4th Of July:

  • Read the declaration of freedom
  • Pay tribute to the veterans and service members
  • Watch an American classic
  • Read through American history/autobiography of famous freedom fighters
  • Learn something new about the freedom achieved 239 years back
  • Take a visual tour through the historical monuments in U.S.A
  • Donate something to the needy
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Are you planning to do something different from the list mentioned? Share your ideas through comment, and let everyone know there are possibilities to come out of the stereotype world. And if you wish to reach our customer support, drop in an email to They’re also on live chat, or just a phone call away at 866-245-3918.


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