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State DMV’s request for 2011-2012 Schedule 1 copy

Recently, some of our customers have been querying us that their state DMV’s are requesting them now to show a copy of their 2011-2012 schedule 1 copies for the registration renewal of their heavy vehicles and that they don’t possess it. They were further confused as to how DMV could have registered their vehicles for the period 2011-2012 when they didn’t have their schedule 1 copies in hand.

Here’s the answer from your ever trustable e-file software provider, tax2290. Continue reading


Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, IRS Form 2290

Tax2290TaxExcise.com the #1 IRS e-file service provider for the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290, is the best way to report taxes on the heavy trucks. We support truck owners, owner operators, business owners and tax practitioners to e-file IRS Form 2290. Now we have extended the support to Accountants/Book keepers to use TaxExcise to report Truck taxes. TaxExcise is the first application to introduce e-filing for all Excise Tax forms [2290, 8849 & 720], TEXT Alert, Schedule 1 copy by FAX service, Full Service, Seasonal Pricing, Bundle Offer, Refer a Friend, Bulk Upload, Import from previous years return, e-file for 2290 amendments, e-file VIN correction, e-file for Sold/Transferred credits now has enhanced to support book keepers. Continue reading