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Tax form 2290 Questions – Reporting Suspended Vehicles

Recently, we had a question from one of our customers. The answers we usually give our customers in return to their Form 2290 related queries are so good that they don’t come back with another question pertaining to the same. For more reviews on us, click here. Anyways, we thought we should share one such answer to all our readers so that when they face similar situations with respect to trucker’s tax filing, they find answers themselves over the internet.

Q: A vehicle was filed as a suspended vehicle last year and was transferred / sold to someone, which was eligible for suspension at the time of the transfer. Should that be reported in this year’s form 2290?

A: When a taxable vehicle is sold before the end of the tax year everyone remembers to report it because they get a credit on the taxes paid on that vehicle. As per the form 2290 Part II Line 9, any vehicle reported as suspended in the  prior year that was sold or transferred to a third party before the end of the tax year, has to be reported. This is to let the IRS know that the vehicle was eligible for suspension of taxes during the transfer. It should also have the person’s name it was transferred to and the date it was sold/transferred. Continue reading

Things to know/do after filing form 2290

It’s always a great thing to have filed and paid your taxes on time. By filing form 2290 and paying the applicable heavy vehicle use tax due amounts to the IRS, you have done your part in helping the Federal government maintain good highway roads for your use as well as for the public. The IRS will now perform its duty to forward the collected amounts to the treasury and from there to the respective states for road maintenance activities. While you take your vehicle for official or unofficial outing through the highways from now on, you can be proud of travelling on healthy roads, constructed with your important contribution.

The highway roads will definitely pay off well in return to your tax returns with reduced number of accidents, time and money savings, increased mobility, congestion ease, decreased energy consumption, boosted air quality and so on and on. So, dear filers who have paved way for such a contribution by filing your returns through our IRS authorized e-file software, taxexcise, it was indeed a great pleasure for us to have served you!

You are introduced to two more things now, after having filed and paid your HVUT returns. They are,

Filing Amendments

If you have to make any corrections on the VIN for which you have filed your returns already or if you fall into a new category of increased gross weight from what you had mentioned or if your suspended vehicle increased from the specified mileage numbers, you have to file form 2290 amendment with the IRS. It’s a cake walk, if you are doing it all through us. Choose the option you are entitled to and make the necessary changes, make payments if applicable, transmit to the IRS out of a button click and get your schedule 1 copy within minutes. Otherwise, you will have to experience the difficulties and headaches in paper filing when compared to e-filing.

Claiming refunds

“I have overpaid my tax due to a silly mistake that I have done while filing form 2290“

“Someone has destroyed my vehicle out of vengeance or I don’t know why”

“Who the hell stole my vehicle?”

“What next? I have sold my vehicle off to him!”

“I have used my vehicle less than 5000 miles last year”,

If you hear your mind whispering or screaming any of these or any such kind, it’s high time you proceed to claiming refunds. The IRS is so considerate and understanding of its countrymen that they have such options to support with refunds for the above inferred conditions. For more details related to form 2290 refund claims and when they can be claimed, click here. Thanks to them! And, not to forget, for claiming refunds that you acquire out of filed form 2290s, you have to use our tax8849 schedule 6 (Other claims). You go to tax8849.com and it will guide your pockets to getting filled with your refunded as soon as possible after approval from the IRS.

Uses of IRS form 2290 & schedule 1 copy

Have you ever wondered what this form 2290 is used for? We congratulate your eyesight for choosing this blog of tax2290.com amidst thousands on the World Wide Web to know the same. Here are the uses of form 2290 or the form closely related to the heavy vehicles use tax.

Tax liability for heavy vehicles

July 1st, 2012 – June 30, 2013 is a taxable period for the year 2012-2013. If you proudly own a heavy vehicle weighing 55, 000 pounds or more in your name during this period and have first used it on public highway in the month of July, you have to file form 2290 & pay the tax due amounts to the IRS before the 31st of August, 2012. For this, you don’t have to go to the IRS and wait in cycles of times to get it done. Use our e-file tax software application at tax2290.com to complete the entire process within minutes of login.

Suspended vehicles exceeding limits

If you had files a suspended vehicle for the year and it exceeds its mileage limit due to unexpected excessive travel, you need to file form 2290 under amendments. Filing amendments has been made much simpler on tax2290.com with all supporting features to get you done with in no time. Why do you want to waste your time and money in waiting and postages when you have e-file amendments option with which you can save a lot of both these resources?

Vehicle falls into new weight category

If your vehicle had been within and around the non-taxable weight category until recently and now due to many physical reasons, it has gained some weight and has fallen into new weight category that is heavy vehicle use taxable, you have to figure out the tax due amounts, file form 2290 and pay the due amounts to the IRS. Don’t worry, we will calculate all the tax amounts part for you. You just have to choose our amendment services (we will get the information from you through simple question-answer format) and file your return in such a case on tax 2290.com.

Claim suspension from tax

You have to report suspension from tax to the IRS through form 2290 that you have a taxable heavy vehicle but you will be using it during the period 5,000 miles or less (7,500 miles or less for agricultural vehicles). You can later claim the credits from the IRS after the period through form 8849 for the prior filing. Both are available at their best of safe online filing functionalities at tax 2290.com.

Acquisition of used taxable vehicle

If you have been sold or transferred with a vehicle from someone else, using form 2290, as the responsible new owner you have to declare if it is still suspended or figure and pay the taxes applicable on the used vehicle put to use during the period. If you get a form 2290 paper copy from the IRS, you might get confused with the tax jargons in it. That’s why we have come up with easily comprehendible interview type questions that can be understood even by your kids to get you completed with filing form 2290 comfortably like never before.

Schedule 1 copy that will be IRS stamped once accepted by them the moment you transmit your return (within minutes on tax2290.com e-file), is used

  • To report all the vehicles using their VINs (Vehicle Identification Number) for which you are reporting your tax. The very purpose of filing form 2290 in simple words.
  • As a proof of payment to register / renew your vehicles with the states or to run safely on legal roads in other words.

If you require support when you e-file form 2290 in addition to the quick helps and other easily self-understandable features available, we are more than happy to hear from you on 866-245 3918 or support@taxexcise.com.


Form 2290 is also vital to safe truck operations!

In order to prevent commercial motor vehicle related accidents and their effects and to contribute to their operational safety through enforcement of safety regulations, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) was established in the year 2000 within the U.S. Department of Transportation. It works in sync with Federal, State, local enforcement agencies, the trucking industry and others to accomplish their core vision. They have recently launched a Facebook page which can be accessed at www.facebook.com/FMCSA, in order to further create awareness of their safety programs, encourage collaboration, stimulate innovation and engage people to share ideas on improvising nation’s highway safety. Continue reading

Tax payers EIN (Employer ID Number) & its importance

When you are into running a business, you need to run along the wheels of an EIN or Employer Identification number, a 9 digit number assigned by the IRS to identify a business entity. Allowing you to identify your business on important forms of the government and documents, your EIN establishes credibility with your business customers.  EINs are acquired by employers, corporations, sole proprietors, government agencies, partnership firms, non-profit associations, trusts, estates of decedents, certain individuals, and other business entities. As far as truck owners are concerned, EIN is a basic necessity to file your form 2290 online or by paper (which is often not recommended by the IRS). Continue reading