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Trucking tax – How to notify IRS of change of address?

You have seen remarkable business profits, setting up a new business location and shifting things there for better prospects. The reasons may be anything to make a move. But, to make sure this doesn’t affect your tax communications from the IRS or any refunds that should reach you, you ought to notify them about your new business address. There are many ways you can go about doing this. Continue reading

Tax2290.Com Truckers One Stop Solution!

There is a lot of paper work involved, and you have to comply with many legal formalities when filing any federal tax Forms. For truck drivers and heavy duty vehicle owners, IRS Form 2290 Tax must be paid and a stamped schedule-1 copy must be received before truck permits are granted on each heavy duty vehicles. Continue reading

Reasons For Rejection Of Your Form 2290!

The process of filing a form 2290 (HVUT) with the IRS is easier than it has ever been. All that is needed to file this return is a basic understanding of your business information and an Internet connection. The quickest and easiest way to file this form is through Tax2290.com an IRS Authorized E-File Provider for E-filing HVUT.

With Tax2290.com it is incredibly easy to log in and complete your filing. The application is built in a way that breaks complex tax form into a series of easy to understand questions. There is no confusing tax terms; just simple questions that are easy to answer. Continue reading

Few Points To Keep In Mind While Efiling Your Form 2290!

Tax2290.com is the quickest, easiest, and best way for filing your Form 2290 (Heavy Truck Use Tax) online with the IRS. Here are a few points to keep in mind while e-filing.• E-file your 2290 returns with Tax2290.com

• Review EIN# [Employer Identification Number]                             

•Review your Tax Year and Month

• Review your VIN [Vehicle Identification Number]

• Choose a payment option to the IRS

• Review all the information

• Double check your Business Name

• E-File Your 2290 Return Continue reading

Tax2290.com Alert: Motor Truck Tax form 2290 is due Feb 29th, if vehicle first used in Jan 2012.

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 is due by this Feb 29th 2012  if vehicles first used in Jan 2012 since July 2011.