Reasons For Rejection Of Your Form 2290!

The process of filing a form 2290 (HVUT) with the IRS is easier than it has ever been. All that is needed to file this return is a basic understanding of your business information and an Internet connection. The quickest and easiest way to file this form is through an IRS Authorized E-File Provider for E-filing HVUT.

With it is incredibly easy to log in and complete your filing. The application is built in a way that breaks complex tax form into a series of easy to understand questions. There is no confusing tax terms; just simple questions that are easy to answer.

However, there are few reasons for which the IRS rejects your E-filed form 2290. This can be easily corrected and re transmitted to the IRS through for FREE.  Yes you read it right! There is no charge for re-transmitting your rejected return through

The major reasons for which the IRS rejects your 2290’s are:

EIN not matching the Business Name: This is the most common rejection that happens very often, when you file an IRS form 2290 it has to be filed with the correct EIN and Business Name as registered with the IRS. If it’s filed with SSN, Wrong EIN, Wrong Business Name or even if it’s filed with an EIN that is not 15 days old the IRS would reject it. If you receive a rejection email from, simply login back to the website and correct the information on your rejected return and retransmit it.

RTN Rejection: This rejection happens only when the filer chooses an EFW (Electronic Funds Withdrawal) option to pay for his tax due. While filing if the filer makes a typing error and types in a wrong RTN (Routing Transit Number) the IRS will reject the return. If this happens the user can login back and update the correct RTN on his/her rejected return and re-transmit it.

VIN Already E-filed: This rejection happens occasionally, when the taxpayer tries to E-file for a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) that has been already E-filed for the Tax Year the IRS rejects it. This rejection needs no correction as the 2290 for the vehicle is already filed. is committed to provide the Best in Quality and Service for all our users, / is a certified, IRS authorized, e-file service provider for Form 2290.Tax2290 is a product of ThinkTrade Inc and a part of We are a BBB accredited company with A+ certification.

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