Alert: Motor Truck Tax form 2290 is due Feb 29th, if vehicle first used in Jan 2012.

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 is due by this Feb 29th 2012  if vehicles first used in Jan 2012 since July 2011.

Have you used your vehicle first time in Jan 2012 since July 1st, 2011?

If YES, then you need to file IRS Form 2290 by end of this month and get yourSchedule-1 instantly only at

Is your gross weight increased? Is your Vehicle Mileage Limit exceeded since the recent tax return?

If YES, then you now need to file an IRS Form 2290 Amendment to get the revicedSchedule-1 in minutes. Also you can claim your refund from IRS by filing Form 8849Schedule-6 at

Need to correct your VIN#? Is your VIN number mistyped while filing with IRS?

If Yes, E-file VIN correction with IRS in just few clicks at and receive the corrected Schedule-1copy in minutes – just like your original Form 2290filing.

Have you down-sized the number of Vehicles? Is your Vehicle reported Low Mileage from the last filed return?

If yes, then IRS owes!!! Yes you need to claim a credit back on a Sold / Destroyed / Stolen Vehicle or Low Mileage Vehicle or any other claims at and get it accepted instantly.

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