Tax payers EIN (Employer ID Number) & its importance

When you are into running a business, you need to run along the wheels of an EIN or Employer Identification number, a 9 digit number assigned by the IRS to identify a business entity. Allowing you to identify your business on important forms of the government and documents, your EIN establishes credibility with your business customers.  EINs are acquired by employers, corporations, sole proprietors, government agencies, partnership firms, non-profit associations, trusts, estates of decedents, certain individuals, and other business entities. As far as truck owners are concerned, EIN is a basic necessity to file your form 2290 online or by paper (which is often not recommended by the IRS).

It doesn’t take much time to get an EIN online, just like how you would get your schedule one copy within no time once you file heavy vehicle use tax online using our services. Log on to, submit your information during the online session and get your EIN. One may also acquire EINs through other IRS facilitated means like by telephone (EIN will be provided thereupon by telephone 5 days a week), by fax (Fill out the Application for Employer Identification Number and fax it to the IRS to get the EIN by fax within 4 business days) and by mail (Fill out the Application for Employer Identification Number and mail it to the IRS service center address and your EIN will reach you within 4-5 weeks). For more information on EIN’s, visit the IRS resource.

While you have keenly taken note of all the above methods to get an EIN for your business, the online facility with great ease of use is without doubt the best to get one that instant right there on your screens. Similar is the situation for filing HVUT this tax season. With added responsibilities as an EIN holder, it is always a great idea to file HVUT online with IRS authorized online tax software since everything happens so securely and fast over the internet that you get your schedule 1 copy in hands within minutes.

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