2290 heavy use tax return preparation – Most common errors

You have landed here means you either want to figure out how to pay your annual heavy vehicle use tax for the truck(s) you own or have grounded by mistake or just about anything. This being the period to figure and file your tax returns for the year 2012-2013, you must be all set with form 2290 from the IRS and your vehicle details to start filling out. Before filing your HVUT to the IRS, you must review it thoroughly for correctness and completeness. Below are a few most common errors that may be avoided when you fill and file all by you.

  • Incorrect or missing social security numbers
  • Incorrect tax entered based on taxable income and filing status.
  • Incorrect EIN, VIN or computation errors in figuring out the estimated tax payments or credits.
  • Math Errors. Both addition and subtraction.
  • Duplicate vehicle information

It is vital to avoid any such errors because processing of your returns may be delayed and ultimately you would not achieve what you wanted to after all your tax filing efforts before the due date. So, how do you be sure that the information entered on your form including the estimated payments or credits is flawless the very first time you enter?

Simple, you have to enter on Tax2290.com instead of writing it with your pen. Our tax application software, truly authorized by the IRS for online tax form filing, validates all the data entered by you then and there and makes sure you push out only the correct information on to the form 2290 when you transmit your return. So your job is only to key in the information and we would take the responsibility of reviewing it for any errors. The IRS recommends e-file strongly and says that by electronically filing your tax return, many common errors may be avoided or corrected by the computer software. So advance your fingers out from pen to computer keys and make you tax filing life as simple as being said. Login to the most secure taxexcise.com and start filing your HVUT returns right away and get your Schedule 1 copy within minutes. For any support or assistance, call us at 866-245-3918 or drop in a mail at support @Taxexcise.com.

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