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HVUT Form 2290: Every Truckers responsibility

What is HUVT?
HVUT is the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax that is a fee assessed annually on heavy vehicles operating on public highways at registered gross weights equal to or exceeding 55,000 pounds. The gross taxable weight of a vehicle is determined by adding the unloaded weight of the motor vehicle and any trailers together with the maximum load customarily carried on-road by the truck-trailer combination.  Continue reading

Leap Year postpones your Form 2290 Due date to 29th February

Dear Truckers, Benefits of a leap year can be many but for us in Trucking Industry it’s a gift. Yes..! It postpones our tax deadline by a day for filing Form 2290 HVUT. This February it’s not 28th but 29th will be your Deadline to E-file Form 2290 for vehicles first used in January 2016, since July 2015.    Continue reading

It’s Discount Time this Thanks Giving on E-filing Tax Form 2290

Discount”, the word itself brings in a big smile on everyone’s face. In recent times we come across a lot of advertisements stating that they offer a discount on their product, services etc.., Most of them are not true because they increase the price of the product or service they offer and give us a discount. Continue reading

Form 2290 is also vital to safe truck operations!

In order to prevent commercial motor vehicle related accidents and their effects and to contribute to their operational safety through enforcement of safety regulations, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) was established in the year 2000 within the U.S. Department of Transportation. It works in sync with Federal, State, local enforcement agencies, the trucking industry and others to accomplish their core vision. They have recently launched a Facebook page which can be accessed at www.facebook.com/FMCSA, in order to further create awareness of their safety programs, encourage collaboration, stimulate innovation and engage people to share ideas on improvising nation’s highway safety. Continue reading