It’s Discount Time this Thanks Giving on E-filing Tax Form 2290

Discount”, the word itself brings in a big smile on everyone’s face. In recent times we come across a lot of advertisements stating that they offer a discount on their product, services etc.., Most of them are not true because they increase the price of the product or service they offer and give us a discount.

There are discount being offered on every occasion on everything, we see big banners flashing on Christmas through New Year with discount offers. Being a part of the Trucking family I have always wondered which one of these discounts will bring in a smile on a Truckers face. On the occasion of Thanks Giving day we would like to thank Every Trucker of the nation, for making it possible for us to have a wonderful time with our family and beloved ones. Also for those in Trucking Industry who are very busy gathering there paper work to file their Tax Form 2290, we have something very special for you.

Most of the months always come in with a lot of tension for Truckers, as they have to take care of their HVUT Tax Form 2290 filing. Everyone in Trucking Industry knows that they can easily file Form 2290 through and they all love the site. Likewise would like to show its gratitude to all its customers by offering a discount on the Filing Price on the Occasion of Thanks Giving.

All HVUT Tax Form 2290 filers can avail a Flat 20% discount on the E-file Preparation fee from 18th of November till the 30th by applying the Discount Code “TURKEY2015” on the promotion code page. Please remember that November 30th will be the deadline to file your Form 2290 for vehicles first used in October since July 2015.

So what are you waiting for log on to, file your HVUT Tax Form 2290 Right way and get your IRS Stamped Schedule 1 Copy in minutes also save few dollars of your hard earned money. For any questions you may have call Customer Support @ 1866-245-3918 or write to us to support Happy Thanks Giving to all the Truckers, who drive the nation to glory

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