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Helpful answers to queries before filing HVUT taxes !

Dear Customers, at some course of time you might have come across certain questions related to HVUT tax or E-filing. Our customer support team has answered even the most silly to the toughest of all possible questions in this space. Here are a few of those questions and answers which will surely help you sometime.

Question 1: We paid full taxes on a vehicle and used it for the first few months starting from July and then it was pulled off the road middle of the season, later we put the truck back on road and used it till the end of the season. It was used up to the mileage limit of 5,000. So am I eligible for a tax credit for the unused period of time? Continue reading

Tax form 2290 Questions – Reporting Suspended Vehicles

Recently, we had a question from one of our customers. The answers we usually give our customers in return to their Form 2290 related queries are so good that they don’t come back with another question pertaining to the same. For more reviews on us, click here. Anyways, we thought we should share one such answer to all our readers so that when they face similar situations with respect to trucker’s tax filing, they find answers themselves over the internet.

Q: A vehicle was filed as a suspended vehicle last year and was transferred / sold to someone, which was eligible for suspension at the time of the transfer. Should that be reported in this year’s form 2290?

A: When a taxable vehicle is sold before the end of the tax year everyone remembers to report it because they get a credit on the taxes paid on that vehicle. As per the form 2290 Part II Line 9, any vehicle reported as suspended in the  prior year that was sold or transferred to a third party before the end of the tax year, has to be reported. This is to let the IRS know that the vehicle was eligible for suspension of taxes during the transfer. It should also have the person’s name it was transferred to and the date it was sold/transferred. Continue reading