10 Reasons to Become a Truck Driver!

Truckers handle the transportation of goods such as retail and building materials, as well as hazardous materials. While the work can mean long hours on the road and time away from home, especially for long-haul truckers, the job also comes with a number of benefits. Many of those benefits remain unavailable to those working in professions that require regular office hours:

Excellent Pay

A major reason people choose to become truck drivers is the potential for excellent pay. According to Truckers Dispatch, truck drivers remain in high demand across the nation. This allows even drivers new to the industry to command excellent starting pay.


Truckers who own their own trucks and trailers can venture into self-employment, by subcontracting through other companies or by cutting deals directly with companies in need of shipping services. Self-employed truckers enjoy the freedom of controlling their business from the ground up.


Truck driving provides an opportunity to travel the country without having to pay for it like a normal vacationer. Long-haul truckers can travel from coast-to-coast, seeing vast portions of the country in the process, according to Driver Careers.

Job Security

New drivers can expect work to be readily available for some time to come because of a shortage of drivers, according to Driver Careers.


Drivers working for a trucking company often enjoy a complete insurance package that includes health, dental and vision. Trucking companies often offer short- and long-term disability insurance, in addition to other health benefits.

Vacation with Pay

Drivers frequently receive vacation time with pay as one of the perks of working for a trucking company. This can help to offset time spent away from home.


Truck drivers have more opportunities to determine their own schedules than most working professionals. For those who prefer to drive only in one region, to avoid weekend hauls or to drive the same route consistently, there are trucking jobs available to accommodate those needs, according to Truckers Dispatch.

Retirement Plans

To help ensure that long-term drivers can retire comfortably after years on the road, many trucking companies offer retirement packages and 401(k) investment options.

Family Time

Some trucks provide sufficient space for drivers to bring spouses with them on the road during deliveries. This can help to reduce the strain of long separations and educate a spouse about the realities of time on the road.


Truckers Dispatch reports that some companies try to attract new drivers with signing bonuses as high as $5,000. These bonuses come in addition to any base pay negotiated for the contract.

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