9 Days To GO, Get Your HVUT Filed online

So truckers, how was the weekend. Hope you had a sufficient time for yourself. However, we are here for a purpose. We would like to remind you about filing form 2290 online if you have not filed your return till date. Remember, only 9 days are left in hand for the due date to arrive into our calendars and you know what the consequences are. You need to pay penalties and interest and if the due pro longs for months, IRS would not hesitate to take up law charges against you. You owe the nation for all the nation serves you with.

If you are wondering, why you should file Heavy Highway Use Tax through Form 2290 Return? Keep reading to know more.

As these vehicles are heavy by their weight, causing most of the damage to the public highway is obvious. Thus, the Heavy Highway (Road) Use tax acts like a fundraiser for the maintenance of the highway. However, not every heavy vehicle is standardized to file form 2290 and pay their dues.

Vehicles that weigh more than 55,000 pounds and use the public highway are liable to file form 2290 and pay their dues to IRS. However, if your vehicle does not cross more than 5,000 miles a year and 7,500 miles for an agricultural vehicle should file form 2290 are not liable to pay anything to IRS, although you are required to file your return and keep IRS informed.

Major Reasons For Filing (E-File) Heavy Highway Use Tax Form 2290 Returns:

  • Bringing in improvisation to highways, reconstruction or resurfacing roads, damages to be covered up
  • Maintenance of highway and adjoining roads/bridges
  • Knowledge sharing sessions to help the drivers and owners in understanding driving, dealing with inspections and calculating their taxes on the basis of the information they own
  • Great relief from traffic and congestion on road
  • Debt Service
  • Administration cost

Your Share Is Important To IRS For The Following:

  • Save time, resource and lives during the time of emergency, as ample amount of space is provided
  • Crashes and bumping on each other is eliminated
  • Emergency responders are immediately available
  • Fuel consumption and insurance cost is under control
  • Congestion and energy consumption is managed to large extent
  • Increase in mobility
  • Business productivity and movement of goods is efficiently worked on
  • Economic structure is well furnished

With 9 days in hand, the clock is ticking in its own pace. So before it is too late and you land up paying penalties, come to Tax2290.com and file form 2290 today.  You can always reach our Tax Experts for assistance only through phone, e-mail or chat. Call us at 866-245-3918 or write to support@taxexcise.com. Also, do note, we are available on the weekends too. So if you think you need personal assistance, don’t forget we are here for your service.

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