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Hello everyone, hope you are having a ball, reading our blogs and making use of our enriched, user-friendly application. Today, in our blog, we would discuss about bookkeepers, highlighting the features loud and calling you to experience a new channel to file taxes with ease.

Well, many of us are not aware about bookkeepers and about their role, however, it’s time to understand who they are and how can they be of any help to you if you are looking out for one!

Who Are Bookkeepers?

Bookkeepers are also known as bookkeeping clerks, who are responsible for some or all the organization’s accounts, known as the general ledger. Trucking companies are large and maintaining records of every transaction that takes place, post debits (costs) and credit (income), including filing taxes is difficult. So here comes the entry of bookkeepers.

Heavy vehicle used tax is paid yearly once, with the tax season falling on July- August, and with bigger fleet’s, it is difficult to file your tax returns to the IRS. Bookkeepers are here rescuing you from heavy penalties, plus providing the prospect to file it on time.

Bookkeepers & Tax2290.com:

Tax2290.com is an authorized e-file service provider, offering varied services for bookkeepers. As you are a major part of our family, we have designed a special package to indulge in a hassle free filing online with Tax2290.com.

When things can be this simple, stay benefited and keep filing taxes as they fall under your list of obligations. However, we have framed a list of features exclusively for Bookkeepers. Read further to know more.

Features Offered By Tax2290.Com Exclusively For Bookkeepers:

Seasonal Special Pricing:

With Tax2290.com, we have designed a distinct pricing for our bookkeepers, which is easy on their pockets. The package varies on the number of clients you hold, pay for them alone, and Efile unlimited returns through our servers without paying extra. You would surely be glad with express response you would receive.

One-Time Registration, Boundless clients to handle:

With Tax2290.com, you don’t have to register every time you get a new client in hand. One time registration is the policy we follow. You can add unlimited number of businesses and EIN through one single registered account and handle filing from one place, one account. Any information related to your client(s) and their vehicle number is made available from one place. We keep your work at ease, letting the complexity far away from our application.

Bulk Upload:

This is another feature, which would let you stay in benefit. If your client is a trucking company, it is obvious that their fleet size would be large. All you need to do is, upload the information in an excel sheet and directly upload it to your account for easy filing. Do note, the bulk upload is effectively used for taxable vehicles, suspended vehicles and credit vehicles (Sold/stolen/destroyed and low mileage) of Form 2290. We do not restrict the vehicle limit, so you can add as many vehicles you want depending on the client.

Hidden Charges is Real No-No:

Well, this is really important to understand that we have never indulged in or would ever charge you more than what is required. You pay according to the static price that is mentioned in the pricing list. No hidden charges applied. Everything seems to be transparent, right in front of you.

Well, if you are a bookkeeper and looking forward to explore the venture of Tax2290.com, register with us and experience the new world of filing. Also, you can get in touch with our Tax Experts at 1-866-245-3918 or simply email to support@taxexcise.com. We are here to serve you, for betterment. We look forward to maintain a strong association with you.

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