A Form 2290 Update You must Know!!


Another 7 weeks left!!

The Form 2290 tax is due from July 1st through June 30th, and it must be paid by August 31st for existing Vehicles. The tax starts with vehicles 55,000 lbs or more. If you have 25 or more vehicles that are going on the 2290 Form you MUST file electronically.

If you have driven your vehicle less than 5,000 miles (7,500 for agriculture) you can claim the suspension of tax. You can also claim this if you expect to use it for less than the mileage limit in the coming year.

If you acquire a vehicle that is to be used on the highways you must pay the 2290 tax for truckers by the end of the month following the month you purchased the vehicle in.

The current period begins July 1st, 2012, and ends June 30th, 2013.

If vehicle is first used during …             THEN, file Form 2290 & make your payment by…

July, 2012                                                                                             August 31, 2012

August, 2012                                                                                      September 30, 2012

September, 2012                                                                             October 31, 2012

October, 2012                                                                                    November 30, 2012

November, 2012                                                                              December 31, 2012

December, 2012                                                                               January 31, 2013

January, 2013                                                                                     February 28, 2013

February, 2013                                                                                  March 31, 2013

March, 2013                                                                                       April 30, 2013

April, 2013                                                                                           May 31, 2013

May, 2013                                                                                           June 30, 2013

June, 2013                                                                                           July 31, 2013


File by this date regardless of when state registration for the vehicle is due.

For registration purposes the Form 2290 tax must be paid in the name of the owner of the truck or the registrant of the vehicle. You cannot use third party copies of taxes paid. This allows you to transfer the tax to a new vehicle if your vehicle is destroyed or sold. For a vehicle sold, destroyed or stolen before June 1st, a credit for tax paid can be claimed on the next Form 2290 or a refund of the tax paid can be claimed on Form 8849.

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