America’s 5 Most Traffic Congested Places for Truckers

Truly said that, “death, taxes, and traffic are certainties of life”. Whether truck drivers, office-goers, or any other being stuck in the traffic is one of the common topics of discussion and their impact. Besides, the honking of the horns adds to the irritation also delaying our work especially for truckers who have to deliver the goods on time. Of course, there are GPS devices to furnish information about the traffic but not all truck drivers are lucky enough to use a GPS device.

The ‘Texas A&M Transportation Institute’ released its annual report on America’s worst traffic cities. The final report released by the institute was prepared after an analysis and comparison with last year’s report.  Knowing about the worst traffic cities can help truck drivers prepare themselves and get their goods delivered on time. Reading this blog would be helpful in knowing the cities in America with the worst traffic conditions.

1.       Los Angeles:

Beating Honolulu after two years, Los Angeles has been placed in the first place for being of the cities with the worst traffic conditions. Additionally, the Interstate 405, which stretches to eight miles, is considered the worst. However, the number of commuters choosing to travel through a public transport is probably less compared to other cities, which is the reason for the increasing traffic congestion too.

2.       Honolulu:

Honolulu acquires the second place after Los Angeles, as one of the populated metro cities. According to a survey, more than 1,586 people reside in this city per-square mile. Additionally, the two road segments that stretch up to 11 miles, thus encouraging many Americans to walk or use public transport for commutation. Truck drivers need to keep in mind the high traffic congestion rate when passing through this city for delivering goods. Besides, it is good to have ample time and take shorter routes to save time and fuel.

3.       San Francisco:

Traffic congestion rate in San Francisco is 23.5%, which is lesser than the other two cities mentioned above. Although, many people choose to commute via public transit but traffic congestion is still a common sight. It is difficult to avoid traffic during the peak hours and advisable to start early for truck drivers having urgency to deliver their goods on time.

4.       Austin:

The congestion rate in Austin is about 20.7%. Transportation facility in the city is not at par with its population, which contributes to more of traffic congestion. Staying informed about the traffic conditions can be helpful in planning and make the best out of time. Moreover, with the recently introduced hours of service rules by the FMCSA makes it essential for truckers to learn about the traffic condition of every state.

5.       New York:

With a congestion score of 19.9%, New York has been ranked as one of the traffic-congested places. Moreover, it is one of the states having worse congestion score than previous year.

Traffic congestion has been a major problem over the years especially for truckers. They contribute an important share towards the country’s economy and it is difficult to imagine the consequences when truck halts. However, contributing their share by filing form 2290 for the maintenance of the highways can make their ride smooth.  Therefore, trucks that were brought on road for the first time in the month of October should file before November 31. To make it simpler, is the one-stop destination. Reach us at or call us at 1-866-245-3918

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