An Overview on Logging Vehicles

After our previous blog “What is Agricultural Vehicle?” there were many other queries sent to us, requesting to explain what is logging vehicles. The reason taxpayers are confused because while filing form 2290, the application would ask you if your taxable vehicle is used for logging.

Some of us get confused with the term “Logging Vehicles” with any vehicle that tracks logs, (mileage or fuel). However, logging with the context of form 2290, refers to the vehicles that are used to haul logs, as in wood and other products from the forest.

Answering this question is important because logging vehicles are taxed at reduced rates. To ensure, you are paying the correct tax, the following would let you check if your logging vehicle fits into the criterion:

  • The vehicle is used exclusively to transport materials harvested from a forested site,


  • The vehicle is used exclusively to transport harvested materials from one forested site to another forested site. If your vehicle runs between forested sites, it can use public highways in between those sites and still be considered a logging vehicle.


  • The vehicle is registered in your base state (or any other states in which it is required to be registered) as a highway motor vehicle used exclusively for the transport of harvested materials from a forested site. Although the truck must be registered as a “logging vehicle” in your state, no special tag or license plate is required to identify the vehicle as a logging vehicle.

So if your vehicle is categorized as logging vehicles, it must be used to transport harvested forest material only. However, what does the IRS consider “Harvested Material”?

According to IRS guidelines, harvested products can include any raw timber taken from a forest, OR any timber that has been processed on the forested site for commercial processes, meaning the timber has already been sawed into lumber, chipped, or milled in some way. 

And if your vehicle fits into the above guidelines, you can be sure to check the box “Used For Logging” when completing your form 2290 and reap the reward of lower tax rate.

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