August 31 is due date for Form 2290 HVUT Tax on vehicle first used in July 2021

Reminder to all truckers and tax professionals that the HVUT Form 2290 filing deadline for the Tax Year 2021-22 is today, August 31. is a safe and secure online e-filing service that will send you an IRS-stamped Schedule 1 through email right away. Due to today’s deadline, our team will be available for help until CST midnight tonight to ensure that you complete all your Form 2290 requirements on time! Our tax experts can help you file your Form 2290 over the phone; just click the link below or call 866-245-3918 now!

Tax 2290 Due Date Today

It’s time for your 2290 tax form renewal, the heavy highway vehicle use tax is required to be paid annually to the IRS for every truck that drives on public highways and weighs over 55,000 lbs. Once you file your IRS Tax Form 2290, a Stamped Schedule 1 will be provided to you as your receipt for this heavy highway vehicle use tax. A printed copy is required to register your vehicles each year with the state authorities. A copy of the IRS stamped Schedule 1 for the current year available on your account so you can always have access to it.

Who is required to file Form 2290 and pay Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax?
Anyone who registers a heavy highway motor vehicle in their name with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more must file Form 2290 and pay the tax. This is an annual tax reported upfront on heavy motor trucks that are used for 5,000 miles or less (7,500 for farm vehicles) are required to file a return but are excluded from paying the tax.

Who is required to e-file Form 2290?
We encourage all Form 2290 filers to e-file. If you are reporting 25 or more taxable heavy highway motor vehicles for any taxable period, you must e-file, it is fast, safe, simple and cost effective. When you e-file, your Schedule 1 will be available almost immediately after we accept it. guarantees Schedule 1 copies instantly.

When I submitted my Form 2290 electronically, If the return got rejected what to do and how to correct it online?
While you report and pay your 2290 taxes online, your return is processed and would be rejected by the IRS for 3 main reasons.

Name Control – The business name and EIN# in the return not matching with the IRS database. Then you would need to enter the name as it is in the IRS EIN confirmation Form. Correct it retransmit it.

RTI invalid – When you choose to pay the taxes using Electronic funds withdrawal and the IRS is not able to debit the back for a wrong routing number. Fix it and resubmit it.

Duplicate Return – The IRS tax system detected that you had already filed a return under the same EIN, for the same tax period, for the same vehicle(s) or the same VIN category. Check your tax return to confirm that you are reporting new vehicles only and that your other information is correct.

Can I claim a refund electronically for a vehicle that was sold, destroyed or stolen during the tax period?
Yes. You can claim a credit for the tax paid on the next Form 2290 you file in the same or next tax period. The credit may not be more than the tax you are reporting on Form 2290. Or, you can claim a refund of the tax paid on Form 8849, Schedule 6, Other Claims. The amount depends on when the vehicle was sold, destroyed or stolen. See the Form 2290 instructions on how to figure your credit.

Can I claim a refund electronically for a vehicle I used 5,000 miles or less during the tax period?
Yes. If you already paid the tax on a vehicle you used for 5,000 miles or less, you can claim a credit on the first Form 2290 you file for the next tax period. Or, you can claim a refund on Form 8849, Schedule 6, Other Claims. However, a credit or claim for this refund cannot be filed until the next tax period.

A credit, lower tax, exemption or refund is not allowed for an occasional light or decreased load or a discontinued or changed use of a vehicle.

Electronic filing is a breeze and has brought a big relief for Truckers to manage this 2290 tax reporting and receive the schedule 1 proofs instantly. Talk to us today at 866 245 3918 and start with you electronic filing.

Tax 2290 eFile for 2021