Avail Full Service Option to E-File HVUT with Tax2290.com

Trucking is a lifestyle we would never understand that. These hardworking and passionate professionals do not get the respect and honor they deserve. However, Tax2290.com has taken all the initiatives to ensure the best for truckers and is showcasing it through its services.

One among the list of services is Full Service Option, exclusive for truckers who are busy behind the wheels. This service will allow drivers to file their return on time and receive the schedule 1 copy in minutes, narrowing the possibilities of form 2290 being rejected by IRS. This service is designed for Truckers who are not comfortable operating a computer or do not have access to a computer.

Full service option means having one of our professionally trained Tax experts E-filing Form 2290 on your behalf. You supply us with the required information and we do the rest, you will be served with your stamped schedule 1 copy within minutes.

How to Avail Full Service?

There are different ways to make use of this wonderful service,

  • If you have access to a computer, you may download the full service template form our website either in PDF format or in an Excel format. Fill in all the required information and send it to us. You can either the fax the completed full service template to 866-256-9859 or may opt to email the same to support@taxexcise.com.
  • Second option in even more simple, call us @ 866-245-3918 interact with our trained professional Tax expert, give him all the required information over the phone and our Tax expert will complete your filing process from his end.

For those who do not have access to a computer can opt for the fax option so that they can receive their Schedule 1 copy via Fax as soon as IRS issues it. Tax2290.com also offers Text Alert to keep you informed about the status of your E-filed tax return. Do remember that Tax2290.com is the first ever IRS authorized Efile service provider, so making use of the full service option offered by them is the most secured way to Efile your HVUT to IRS.

Any vehicle that was put into service during the middle of the tax year needs a Form 2290 filed for it before the end of the following month of the month first used i.e. end of March will be the deadline to file form 2290 for vehicles first used in February. You can use full service option for such filings as well.

For any more assistance, feel free to reach our tax experts at 1-866-245-3918 or Email your queries to support@taxexcise.com. You can expect some immediate response from our end.

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