Brief Insight on Suspended and Agricultural Vehicles Reported Through Form 2290

Trucking is not all about Commercial vehicles, it about vehicles which deal with every purpose. From farming to deliveries, trucks are the only means of transportation to gear up the work load. Not all heavy vehicles are required to pay taxes through form 2290. There are different kinds of vehicles within the same category of heavy vehicles that are required to file their return just to keep IRS informed, not contribute to the nation. Keep reading to know more about the types of vehicles and their taxation systems imposed.

Suspended Vehicles:

The heading, suspended Vehicles speak it all, IRS identified a set of vehicles which comes under the category of heavy vehicles, but are not required to pay taxes. They are required to file their Form 2290 for reporting IRS about their suspension of taxes during the tax year. If a trucker/ owner operator fails to do so, there are high penalties and charges that would be imposed during the time of inspection.

Any commercial vehicle that covers less than 5,000 miles and agricultural vehicle that covers less than 7,500 miles are considered to be suspended vehicles.

Note: If the vehicle crosses the annual mileage limit mentioned, for commercial vehicle and agricultural vehicle, i.e. 5,000 and 7,500 respectively then the vehicle becomes taxable.

Need not to file form 2290 if the vehicle is used for:

•       Transporting mobile machinery for non-transportation functions, non-transportation trailers and semi trailers, that are not considered as heavy highway motor vehicles

•       Officially qualified as blood collectors for various blood banks and organizations

Agricultural Vehicles:

These are one kind of vehicles which are exclusively used for farming, harvesting and transporting agricultural goods. Maximum Taxable Gross Weight granted to agricultural vehicles is 7,500 miles annually.

Classify vehicles as an Agricultural Purposed Vehicle through:

  • Primarily used for farming and agricultural base
  • Registered under the state law as highway motor vehicle which is exclusively used for farming and agricultural purpose. There is no requirement for a special tag or identification to specify agricultural vehicles but these vehicles need to report to IRS stating their suspension.

Suspended vehicles are not required to pay any taxes but surely they need to report to the IRS about their suspension. is the first IRS Certified E-file Service Provider, serving with requirement and needs of tax payers. Other than suspended vehicles, there are heavy vehicles which are required to file their form 2290 online or paper file it during the taxation period, if not, heavy penalties would be laid their way.  So for best practices, file your return 2290 form on time and drive confidently on highways. We wish all the Truckers out there a happy and safe hauls.

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