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Our Tax Experts will be working on weekends to assist you with Form 2290 Efiling!

Trucking, the profession speaks about the difficulties owned and faced on the road, behind the wheels and while at Truck stops. What gives you the strength to move ahead each day, make deliveries, and serve the nation? Well, this dedication and motivation keeps you going, and it holds like an inspiration to run show. And not to mention, you are the main reason for our success. Truckers who deal with heavy vehicles come over, file their HVUT taxes online with during the weekends too, since our customer support team is now available to take calls, email and chat.

Though Our Tax Experts will be available on all the weekends, this weekend is quite special as we have Friendship day that falls right on this weekend. As a token of love we give away a FLAT 10% OFF on the E-filing Fee till August 6th. Apply Promo Code “FRIENDSHIP17” and grab our friendship day gift. Continue reading

Celebrate this FRIENDSHIP Week with a 10% Discount on Form 2290 E-fling!

The strong bond of friendship is not always a balanced equation; friendship is not always about giving and taking in equal shares. Instead, friendship is grounded in a feeling that you know exactly who will be there for you when you need something, no matter what or when.

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship on the earth. It is said that a true friend is hard to find. A true friend comes in our lives with whom we can share our joy, pain, excitement and sorrows. To express and cherish this beautiful bond of friendship, we like to exchange friendship wishes and love with all our close pals (truckers). We also join you in this Friendship Day celebrations avail 10% flat off on your 2290 e-file fee by apply the code” FRIENDSHIP17 “.  Continue reading