Do You Know How Ohio’s Truck Driving Laws Are Followed? Discover Here

Welcome back truckers… Back behind the wheels driving day and night, delivering goods and serving the nation is just a part of your routine. We all know that without truckers, this nation would have never grown so much. As you’re treated as the backbone of the country every since the completion of the earliest highways and interstates, you are held responsible for transporting goods and merchandise across the nation.

This includes the states of Ohio, and the commercial truck drivers are usually depending on steady work.  As the nature of the job is high-risked, Ohio drivers who opt for trucking and CDL must undergo rigorous training before even operating semi on the road. However, this is not the end. The drivers are also required to follow and obey set of laws to prevent permanent loss of their CDL.

  • Laws Framed On Age Limit:

According to Ohio State law, minimum age limit is 18 years or older for drivers who wish to carry forward their career behind the wheels and also apply for CDL in the state. Applicants do note you need to carry a valid driver’s license, which was issued within the state of Ohio, as well as a valid Social Security Card for verification at Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

  • Laws Regarding Vision:

The next law falls under the category of vision. According to Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, every applicant looking out for interstate CDL with the state of Ohio must declare a minimum acuity of 20/40 in each eye. However, the applicants are allowed to use prescription eyeglasses or contacts when taking the vision test in the bureau for the same.

  • Laws Structured For Test:

It is mandatory for all the drivers applying for CDL must pass a written knowledge and driving skill test before obtaining their CDL. Passenger endorsement, license upgrades and restriction removals require an additional testing and fee on the behalf of the applicant.

  • Disqualifications For CDL:

In the course of your journey behind the wheels, there are certain circumstances when its likely to get your Commercial Drivers’ License suspended or disqualified for certain convictions in the state of Ohio. As a driver, if you convicted of two serious traffic violations within the period of three years, you’re likely to get your CDL suspended for 60 days, and if you convicted three serious traffic violations within the course of three years, your CDL will be suspended for 120 days.

During the test, if the blood alcohol content is more than .04%, or if you’re driving under the influence of a controlled substance, you’re CDL would be cancelled for the whole year, which means you cannot drive for that period. These are some scenarios; however, do remember that subsequent convictions might also result in permanent revocation of their commercial driver’s license.

However, there are exemptions for slow-moving farm equipments, public safety and emergency vehicles, personal recreational vehicles and military vehicles driven a licensed, active-duty member of the U.S. military. Other exemptions also include vehicles that are designed for transporting personal goods, such as rental trucks for moving furniture, and commercial vehicles used for local governments.

Well truckers, it is always good to follow the rules and oblige the nation rather than failing in DOT inspection. As tax experts, we advise you to go along with the regulations and also, pay your taxes on time. This will help you in running behind the wheels much smoother and safer.

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