E-file 2290 Amendments in minutes with Tax2290.com

None of us can claim that we are Mr. / Mrs. Perfect and none will deny this fact. Mistakes are part and parcel of life, it happens with everyone and can happen even when we file our taxes. No matter if we file Our Federal Excise Tax Form 2290 by paper or Online, mistakes do happen. It’s what you do to correct the mistakes done on your Form 2290 filing matters.

Your options are open, same as filing for your original Form 2290 you may either choose to Paper file your Form 2290 Amendments which is even more confusing than the original Form 2290 or can act smart by joining hands with technology by E-filing your Form 2290 amendments. Yes, the IRS has gifted you with the option to correct your mistakes committed on Form 2290 by Filing form 2290 Amendment. As always www.tax2290.com the First ever IRS authorized E-file Service Provider, Supports E-filing for Federal Excise tax Form 2290 Amendments.

Three Types of Amendments that you can E-file:

  • VIN Correction: Most common error committed by Form 2290 Filers, Filing with a Incorrect VIN missing or mistyping a character on their 17 character alpha numeric VIN. This can be very easily corrected by Efiling Form 2290 Amendment through www.Tax2290.com.
  • Suspended Vehicle Exceeded Mileage: Well this can either be an error or can also be a change that has happened. If one has reported a Taxable vehicle as Suspended vehicle, they may use this option to correct it. If a vehicle that was expected to run less than 5000 miles and the vehicle has crossed the mileage use limit within the tax year then you may use this provision provided on Form 2290 Amendment to Report the same to the IRS and pay your Taxes.
  • Taxable Gross weight Increase: Same like the above mentioned Amendment, it’s either a mistake or a change that can be corrected with this Amendment. Tax on Federal Excise Tax Form 2290 is calculated based on the Gross weight of the Truck, which includes the Truck, Trailer and the Load. If one has reported the Truck with lesser gross weight while filing the original Form 2290 or if the gross weight of the Truck needs to be increased due to a heavy load that as to be delivered, then you this is the option you select to get it corrected and pay the difference in the Taxes.

Like Always www.Tax2290.com has made E-filing for Form 2290 Amendments very simple & Self Explanatory. But Still if you need Assistance, you can reach Our Tax Experts @ 1-866-245-3918 or chat with them while on the website or you may even write to them @ Support@taxexcise.com .