E-file HVUT for Vehicles First Used in Dec with Tax2290.com at the drop of a hat.

Greetings, Hard working Truckers, the due date to file Form 2290, Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes (HVUT) is just few days away —January 31st is the deadline to E-file your HVUT for vehicles first used in December 2015 since July 2015! If you traded in or purchased a new vehicle last month, or if you’re just put your truck on the road in the month of December, then this applies to you as well.
Do not panic, paying HVUT online with www.Tax2290.com is a cake walk, and we’ve designed the best application on earth for your rescue. In order to file for a HVUT, the vehicles taxable gross weight must be at least 55,000 pounds and travel approximately 5,000 miles during the current tax period; and for an agricultural vehicle, the mileage use must be at least 7,500 miles.

Start Now , Get Your HVUT E-filed in Minutes!

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  3. Transmit Your Form to the IRS and Receive Your Schedule 1 in Minutes

If you need any assistance, Tax2290.com offers tremendous support, so you can get the help you deserve. We even show you how to file for a Credit Vehicle, or a taxable vehicle that was sold, destroyed, or stolen recently, to get your tax money back.

You can call Tax experts @ 866-245-3918 or write to us @ support@Taxexcise.com.

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