E-filing Class II- Frequently Asked Questions for Filing Form 2290

So trucking nation, what is going on? We are sure Monday blues are flying high.

Last week we had successfully uploaded E-filing Class I- FAQs and today, we’re uploading the second set of questions along with their answers for better reference. Quickly scan then, and then you will be ready to be filed within 10 minutes.

  • When is the last day to file my 2290?

A: the deadline to file HVUT renewals is typically August 31st; however, if the due date is falling on a weekend or a public holiday, the IRS will extend the deadline to the next business day. It is not advisable to keep your tax filing on pending mode till the due date.

Our mantra is efile at the earliest. Once your documents and material is ready, you should efile with Tax2290.com. You will also receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes once your return is transmitted to IRS.

  • Why is my tax not $550?

A: It’s true that the standard tax is $550 yearly for a heavy vehicle. However, there are several variables, which determine the tax rate, such as the gross weight and use of the vehicle. If you’re used to paying $550, but you ended up with a different figure, double-check your info for the following possible errors:

1. Did you select the correct first-used month? For all renewals, the first-used month is July, even if you’re filing in August or September.

2. Did you select the correct gross vehicle weight?

  1.  Did you mark it as a “Logging Vehicle”? This option is applicable only if your truck is used to haul trees.
  • Can I copy a return from a previous year?

A: Yes! If you’ve E-filed with us before, you are allowed to export your filed return to an excel sheet by clicking “Export to Excel”. And while you are filing your tax return, check on the “Bulk Upload”. You need to choose the Excel sheet in, which holds your vehicle details.

  • Why can’t I transmit the return from my phone?

A:  Of course, you can! As long as you’re using our Tax2290 mobile site! While our regular desktop version won’t work good on your Smartphone, we have designed this one for you. You’ll follow the same three easy steps, only difference is at the convenience of your phone.

  • What is the 5 digit PIN & should I remember it?

A: The 5 digit PIN is an electronic signature for your return. Simply enter any 5 numbers, it doesn’t matter which! And no, you will not need to remember them again.

  • Can you enter information or make changes for me?

A: For legal reasons, our Tax Experts can never login to your account, make corrections, or complete a return for you. As a third-party E-file provider, it’s simply not allowed. However, we understand that this sort of luxury service is a real need, so that’s why we made a deal with our Tax Experts and on per your request alone, we can log into your account, and make changes.

However, we shall adhere to the rules and regulations maintained at Tax2290.com. We are not allowed to share any information or details about the return or payment process that are very crucial.

Otherwise, you can also opt for full service option, where you need to share your information about your vehicle and other details. And email the same to our Tax Experts. They would do the filing and you will receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes.

Still have more questions? Check out our previous FAQ blog: E-FILING CLASS I

And you can always count on the Tax Experts to take good care of you! Give them a call at 1-866-245-3918 or speak via online chat, or get 24/7 email support at support@taxexcise.com. And have all of your tax questions answered in record time!

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