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Greeting from Tax2290.com, hope you are pink of health. Today, we would discuss about Form 2290 Amendment, providing you the space to understand the aspect of Amendment. Not many of us would have filed an amendment form 2290, Glue your eyes on to your screen; you are going learn all about Amendment form 2290.

Form 2290 Amendment is filed to report corrections on originally filed form 2290 on the following categories:

  • Increase In Taxable Gross Weight
  • Suspended vehicle Exceeded Mileage
  • VIN Correction

Increase In Taxable Gross Weight:

HVUT is paid once a year, mentioning the Taxable Gross Weight. However, there are times when there would be an increase in the weight during the taxation period. In such cases, you need to file form 2290 Amendment before the last day of the month after the month taxable weight increased.

Say for example, the Taxable Gross weight was increased in the month of August right after you paid form 2290. You need to file form 2290 Amendment and ensure you pay your dues by the end of September of the same year to avoid penalties.

Suspended Vehicle Exceeded the Mileage:

Well, suspended vehicles are not supposed travel more than 5,000 miles (7,500 for agricultural vehicle) on a public highway. During the taxation period, if your truck has crossed 5,000 miles, you owe taxes to IRS. You need to file form 2290 Amendment to report the same and pay taxes.

VIN Correction:

VIN or vehicle Identification Number is a unique code including a serial number, usually used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicle. It is usually 17 characters, which does not include the letters I (i), O (o), or Q (q) (to avoid confusion with numerals 1 and 0). However, keeping in mind the length of a VIN, truckers might go wrong while providing the VIN and it would be imprinted on the schedule1 copy you receive. Before more problems are called in during DOT inspection, you have to file form 2290 Amendment and re file it with the revised VIN in order to get your revised schedule 1 copy.

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