Efile HVUT online with Tax2290 this 4th of July

So truckers, welcome back. Hope you are all doing fine. Tomorrow is the Independence Day and a federal holiday for the nation. However, truckers who’ve been long hauling or busy behind the wheels may not be celebrating this day with their family. We know how much this day matters to you. However, you can pay your respects from wherever you are by filing taxes online throughTax2290.com. Moreover, this holds the announcement for truckers and owner operators about the new season, which just dropped into our calendar two days back.

With the season of pre filing ended, the real tax season has taken the lead and Tax2290.comdecided upon having another offer to truckers who actually missed the pre filing season for 2014-15. The 4th of July offer is to encourage one and all filers to come over and celebrate freedom with Tax2290 and avail flat 10% discount on your efiling service fee. Do note, this offer is valid only till 13th of July, starting from tomorrow, i.e. 4th of July.

Since the time technology is playing its own games with internet as the medium, IRS always encourage taxpayers to file and pay their dues online as it is safe, reliable and the only method allows you to file even at the last minute. However, that is not so possible with paper filing. You will have to pay the penalties and interest due even if you are one day late in filing form 2290 for the year 2014-15, whereas if you are filing your tax return online through Tax2290.com, you can avail various offers, immediate customer support and your proof of payment within minutes of the procedure.

Serving our taxpayers almost since a decade, we know exactly how they are expecting out of our application. Ensuring not breaking the tradition of paper filing, our application is designed in a manner to serve taxpayers with much more simplified procedure, eliminating the chances of errors and wrong calculations. Additional to a simple application, we have developed Smartphone app for Android and iPhone/iPad for easy filing. Of course, this adds ease to your filing, however, this does not make you wait. You log in, fill in the details and here you go… Schedule 1 copy in your email Inbox.

The fun does not end here; we have a set of Tax Experts, simply expertise in the subject. You can call them @ 1-866-245-3918 or simply write your thoughts to support@taxexcise.com. Immediate assistance is assured. You can count this as an aftermath of pre filing season for the year 2014-15.

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