Extension of Time to File Personal Tax Returns

We’re in April, where full enforcement of the electronic logging mandate begins, the devices are still causing a high level of confusion. In one case, a driving team was unable to log into their device, and instead were still using paper logs. As per FMCSA’s claim, ELDs will automatically record driving time, allowing drivers to spend less time preparing logs and more time doing what they do best: driving. The intended result is a decrease in the frequency of fatigued driving by commercial truck drivers, reducing crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks and buses on our highways. Agriculture and Livestock haulers were granted some extension for ELD compliance till June.

By holding drivers and their companies accountable to critical HOS regulations, ELDs help create a safer work environment, ensuring that drivers take the breaks they need. FMCSA estimates that adopting ELDs will result in 1,844 crashes avoided, 562 fewer injuries, and 26 lives saved annually. 

Extension of Time to report Tax Returns, April 17 Due Date. 

April is also the time for personal tax filing, we have a message about pushing your April 17 deadline to October 15. This is the official way of extending and claiming more time to report your personal income tax returns, using IRS Extension Tax Form 4868.

Form 4868 - Extension of Time

If you owe business income tax and you can still avail extra time to report by filing an  automatic extension of time using IRS Tax Form 7004. For certain businesses it was due the 3rd month (March 15) and For few businesses it is due by 4th month (April 17) with reference to your filing period  and business type.

April 17 Filing Deadline

Start with your extension tax today and push your due date from April 17 to October 15, in 3 simple steps, using  http://ExtensionTax.com at an affordable rate, $9.99. This is an automatic extension of time and will get you more time to file your tax returns and will not extend your due date to pay tax bill.