File form 2290 online. Go truck clean!

If you already know about the IRS announcement on the HVUT e-file deadline date extension until September 7th, 2012, well that’s good! Hope you have already filed it with for us to release it to the IRS tomorrow and get you your schedule 1 copy. Know more about the IRS extension announcement here. We at would like to keep you truck-clean both legally as well as officially always. While you e-file your form 2290 (Click here to know who are exempted) and get your schedule 1 copy by September 7, you become legally truck-clean because nobody can question you on your papers. When you have your legal documents to keep running on wheels, you can be proud as responsible citizens and feel happy in front of DOT inspectors or other policemen who might stop you for checking it. This makes you truck-clean and credits your moral values with more responsibility.

Keeping trucks you operate clean claims its advantages while you are off and on the move. Making money and travelling all around this beautiful country are blessings of being a truck driver. But there is no better bad news for truck drivers than when dust, rain, sleet and snow show their love on their trucks during their climatic turns while on the move across different localities of the country. Considered as the alternate home for drivers, they often feel very satisfied when they spend some time caring for their truck’s paint and other parts through cleaning. And, the more they keep it clean, the more their trucks will not let them down on roads. While cleaning, one gets to notice the truck’s imperfections like missing screws, worn out tires, burned out bulbs etc., which may prove to be vital at moments of concern later.

You can easily impress your boss for more compensation or praises by presenting clean trucks at work because along with a truck very neat, you seem so disciplined and professional. Not to forget the women close to you men driver’s hearts. They will praise you all the time for keeping your trucks uncluttered as they mostly have wrong opinions when it comes to men keeping things tidy. Preventing accidents, earning more money when you decide to sell, boosted self-confidence when you get a compliment and getting to move socially better are some of the major benefits of being truck-clean. Nevertheless, you get to leverage on the cardiovascular conditioning that happens along with the cleaning process. So, let’s all go truck-clean today and keep the treasure of fleet business clean, cleaner and cleanest with each fresh day.

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