Follow The Pre-Trip Checklists Before Hitting The Highway

Hello truckers, welcome to our blog. We would like to update you all that iOS App for  has been launched and now available for free. Now you can file and pay form 2290 through your iPhone anytime, anywhere. Today we would be discussing about CDL Pre-Trip Checklist for safer and better traveling on the highway.

In case of the passenger vehicle, the driver doesn’t have much task to do. Simply jump into the car and start the engine and drive off to the destination. This is not the case with commercial driver, who holds a CDL. According to the law, he has to conduct a pre-trip inspection  before hitting the highway in order to reduce the risk of dangerous driving. These pre-trip checklists are formally written and documented as they play the role of legal documents and can be used in court of law in the case of any accidents.

Below, we have mentioned the checklist for your understanding:

Federal Checklist:

Truck drivers who holds a CDL must complete the federally mandated pre-trip checklist. Some of the items on the checklist include wear and tear of the tire, engine oil and a thorough check on the working of the lights. Do note that the checklist should be completed every time a truck is moved from the parking position and entering the highway.

Flaws That Need To Check On:

In the checklist, mention the defects that are found by the driver during the inspection. If the defect is going to affect the road safety, the vehicle cannot be used or driven until the correction is made.  Before the driver hits the highway, he/she must get the pre-trip checklist attested conforming the vehicle is roadworthy and safe to drive.

Pre-Trip Checklist For Tanker:

According to United States Department of Transportation, Tanker or carrier, which carry hazardous liquids that include gasoline, diesel, have their own set of unique pre-trip checklist. The requirements are more stringent than other non-hazardous material carrier, like maintaining lengthy pre- and post-trip checklist and filling the daily inspection report.

At the start of the next working day, the driver should conduct a new inspection and mention the defects accordingly. It is important to get the report attested ensuring the vehicle is safe.

Apart from pre- and post-trip checklist maintenance, it is also important to maintain your schedule 1 copy in your truck. With sudden audits and inspections coming your way, it is better to be prepared rather than standing puzzled in front of the inspector.

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