Freight Transportation Trends That Make HVUT Important For Truckers

Hauling large quantities of commodities over great distances or carrying smaller packages to streets, each transportation mode adopted continues to play an important role in the movement of freight. Whether measured by value, weight, or ton-miles of the composite estimates, trucking as a single mode (including for-hire and private use), seems to be the most frequently used mode. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), trucking dominates shipment distances of less than 500 miles while rail dominated the longer distance shipments. These trends and the below also gives an insightful message to truckers about their importance for the society’s economical growth. Paying truck tax to keep this going in accordance with Federal excise tax laws is equally important.

Right from raw materials such as lumber, coal, and petroleum products to manufactured goods including medical supplies, furniture, household appliances, and computers, businesses depend on the interconnected transportation network for their shipment. The availability of a vast transportation network helps the people of America enjoy access to the products of their desire at their localities such as buying imported fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers from supermarkets and getting delivered with goods purchased over the internet on the next day itself. Improvements in freight logistics combined with advancements in information technology have enabled people track the whereabouts of their goods.

Trucking remains the shipping mode choice for several business owners among the other modes of transportation which has been a long-standing freight trend. According to DOT’s research, Air freight and express delivery are growing the most rapidly, although air cargo remains a small and specialized part of freight activity in terms of tonnage. Inter modal freight is increasing and use of containers for multimodal shipments is rising. Growing demand for more efficient and faster delivery of high value, low weight products is changing the structure of the freight industry, creating new alliances among shippers, carriers, and logistics providers. At the same time, enormous volumes of bulk commodities whether grains, lumber, ores, coal, or oil continue to move into, out of, and within the United States. All this shapes the importance of transportation to the U.S. economy. From this, we hope you got the importance of paying HVUT for your trucks on time as well!