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Trucking is one such profession that welcomes people across the globe to join the league. The main criterion for being in this group of people is to be hardworking and passionate about trucking. If you belong there, what is the wait for? However, there is one add on obligation once you make your way towards trucking and that is filing taxes on time.

With two methods of filing on our plate, efiling seems to be the most preferable method of filing taxes online. Obviously for a variety of reasons. Full service option is one such feature that let your shoulder wander off from aching tax and share the load with our Tax Experts. This method is introduced exclusively for truckers who have a busy schedule to follow or truckers who are not so well versed with computers. Keep following to know more:

What Is Full Service Option?

Full service option provides you the opportunity to talk to one of our trained and experienced tax professions, allowing them to efile form 2290 on your behalf. You supply us with the required information and we do the rest, you will be served with your stamped schedule 1 copy within minutes.

How To Avail Full Service?

There are different ways to make use of this wonderful service,

  • If you have access to a computer, simply download the full service template form our website either in PDF format or in an Excel format. Fill in all the required information and fax us @ 866-256-9859 or email the same to support@taxexcise.com.
  • Second option in even more simple, call us @ 866-245-3918 interact with our trained professional Tax expert, give him all the required information over the phone and our Tax expert will complete your filing process from his end.

If you don’t have access to computers, you can choose the fax option to send across the full service template and also receive your schedule 1 copy once IRS issues it. Also, you can opt for Text Alert to stay informed about the status of your E-filed tax return.

Tax2290.com is the first ever IRS authorized Efile service provider and we always believe in making easy and rational when it comes to Taxes.  And this includes full service option as our forte to get our customers satisfied and clear their dues by filing online.

Also, do note, any vehicle bought in use during the mid of the tax year should be filed through form 2290 and pay the required due on or before the end of the following month of the month vehicle was first used.

For any more assistance, feel free to reach our tax experts at 1-866-245-3918 or Email your queries to support@taxexcise.com. You can expect some immediate response from our end.

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