Get Started With Chrome Plug-Ins- Find Out How?

It’s happy time now truckers! We have finally up with some surprises for you all. Though we are ringed with competitors, we believe in participating in the competition rather than worrying about winning it. And that’s how even after years of launch; we have managed to remain in the position one, feeling proud about the fame we own. Well, a hearty thanks to all our filers for making this possible.

Technology is playing a vital role in our development, and encouraged us to make the best of it. So we concluded to brush up our developing skills, innovativeness, spicing up with simple yet great App, Extensions and Theme for Chrome. They are simple yet the most effective plug-ins for your browser, easy launch and access to our website. As we like to serve our trusted audience with something new and innovative, nothing can beat the idea bringing up new extensions for Keep reading to know more about our App.

Tax2290 Web Apps in Chrome:

Web apps are basically websites, running within Chrome browser and do not require any downloads. However, some apps still do require installing on your local machine simply to get access to the website easily with the particular app.

Let me ask you this? Do you bookmark our website to remember the URL? Not anymore! These web apps are almost similar to bookmarks, just that they are prominent enough to grab your attention on your “new tab page”. Our apps readily available in “Chrome Web Store” for free. Installation takes minimal time of yours and utmost instantly. One simple click on tax app, you’re almost there.

However, if you have installed tax2290 app in your office laptop, you can access them even when you’re home through a different computer. Isn’t it simple? Well it is! We love making things simple for you. Simply opt for sync feature to save your tax2290 app within your Gmail account. That’s the way you stay connected to us, no matter which computer you’re using. It’s time to bid-bye complicated software and programs to file your taxes and opt for tax2290 Chrome App. Simple yet authentic.

Chrome Extension for Tax payers:

An extension globally effects on your browser. They are downloaded components, modifying your browser, sustaining a hassle free experience. Tax2290 extension is available on Chrome, sharing various news and updates, blogs and inputs about trucking, and opportunity to stay connected to our social media world. Along with free chrome extensions you can avail flat 10% discount on your e-filing fee by applying code “EXETAX2290”. However, there is an advantage in filing in the end. Tax2290 serves you with discounts and benefits, freedom from paper filing. So what are you waiting for? Indulge in filing; you can seek away from penalty.


Decorate Your Window With Trucker’s Theme:

Additional to our tax app and extension, Tax2290 theme is another feature we are offering. Just to spice up your chrome window and spread smiles around, we have special designed and decorated themes for our truckers to link their profession with their desktop. Some are simple, some are decorative. You can choose what pleases you the most and spread smiles.

This is not the end. Some more surprises to go. If you’re a Smartphone user, tax2290 Android App is a must-have app in your phone. After long hours of working and testing, we have finally up with our native app to ease up the task of our tax payers. You can enjoy on-the-go filing and receive your schedule-1 copy much immediately.

However, the season is coming to end in just 9 more days. But this year is not a usual one. This time the due date is extended to Sept 3rd as August 31st falls on a weekend and Sept 2nd is Labor Day. So truckers make the most of the extended time and file your return before the due date. Experience authenticity, discover simplicity.

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