HVUT Form 2290 Tax Payment by Credit/Debit Card

Before the official beginning of the Tax Season 2018 – 2019 for Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Form 2290. The IRS introduced a new payment option for the Taxes, which is paying the tax due through credit / debit card. Previously HVUT E-filer can pay his/her Taxes by EFW (direct debit), EFTPS or by check or money order.  Since E-filers are aware of the above mentioned payment options lets discuss credit/debit card payment option in detail.

It has been observed that some of the HVUT Form 2290 E-filers are a bit confused with the new payment method. Tax payers are confusing the tax payment with the service fee payment. When you E-file your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Form 2290, there are two payments involved one will the tax due payment that you make to the IRS and second one will be the E-file service fee paid to the IRS Authorized E-file Service Provider like www.Tax2290.com for electronically submitting the tax Return to the IRS.

The Service fee payment can only be made through a credit / Debit card, but to pay for the taxes you have multiple options. If the tax payer selects any other option other than EFW that is Direct Debit from the bank account for the Tax Due, he/she has to make the payment by themselves as per the payment option selected. If the tax payer chooses to pay through EFTPS he/she has to visit www.EFTPS.gov to schedule the payment. If check or money order is chosen then the Payment has to be mailed to the IRS along with the Payment voucher before the due date.

Likewise if the tax payer selects Credit/Debit card option to pay the taxes, he/she has to visit www.irs.gov to make the payment for the Tax Due. The credit card information provided on www.tax2290.com / www.TaxExcise.com is ONLY for the payment towards the E-file service fee. For any questions or queries regarding HVUT Form 2290 E-filing feel free to reach our Tax Experts @ 1-866-245-3918 or write to them @ support@taxexcise.com or ping them using the LIVE CHAT option on the Website.

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