IRS Authorized E-File Provider

For owners operating more than 25 heavy highway vehicles it becomes mandatory to e-file their HVUT form 2290 tax returns. However, IRS recommends usage of e-filing or electronic filing for all HVUT return filers.

As the IRS itself does not provide a way to E-File this form through their website they have approved several third party service providers to E-File the Form 2290 on behalf of those taxpayers who need to file HVUT

So when you select a e-file provider, it is important to be sure that they are an Authorized by IRS and to make sure that they can handle all of your truck tax needs, with all the advanced features in order to get your stamped copies quick and safe

To get your e-filing experience safest it is always best to find a provider that is entirely web-based.

ThinkTrade has a successful proven track record of supporting Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 (, Claims for Refunds of Excise Taxes ( and Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return Form 720 ( All of these excise tax filing forms are grouped into a single website at: for your convenience.

ThinkTrade supports e-filing for Federal Extension Tax forms at for Personnel, Business and Non-Profit business Income Tax returns.

Check out the below features you get to gain when you choose an authorized and fully equipped web based service like

Minimization of errors

while e-filing your tax returns you can eliminate the possible Mathematical errors, Data or forms omission, and Carriage of numbers to wrong lines.

Faster filing

It is very interesting to note that while e-filing with electronic deposit it takes only two weeks for refund delivery.

Efficient Data Management

While you e-file your returns, your data is carried forward automatically for future returns. Thus you need not painstakingly store all the copies of your filing details.

Instant electronic receipt

When you e-file your form 2290 returns, you receive an instant electronic receipt that acknowledges your HVUT filing process.

24*7 Accesses

You can e-file your returns at any time. Consequently, you can carry out your tax return filing process from anywhere and anytime, if only you have a proper connectivity.


During the E-file process your data is handled by the system. So at any point of the filing process you can retrieve all your data easily.

Easy Corrections

When you e-file your tax return, the errors with your filing is intimated to you on an immediate basis. This enables you to rectify them then and there and resubmit instantly.


E-filing is a totally automated process. This helps to maintain data accuracy and precision. Thus user need not carry out any complex procedures.

Get Textalert

Instant alert will be sent to your cell phone you when there is an update on your tax return from IRS!

Receive Schedule 1 copy by FAX

when there is an update on your tax return from IRS, we will instantly fax your Schedule 1 copy instantly to the Fax number provided by you. It is so easy and quick, no need to wait and print your copy.

The IRS prefers

It is essential to note that IRS recommends e-filing. This is the first and foremost reason for e-filing being the preferred choice of well informed tax payers.

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