IRS E-file Servers will be down for Year-end Maintenance Soon!

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There are several Taxes that needs to be filed on or before December 31st, One such Tax is Federal Excise tax Form 2290 (HVUT) for vehicles first used in the month of November. Though E-filing was introduced to lessen the burden for Tax Payers, every year the IRS will shut down their E-file Servers towards the end of the year for Maintenance. During the shutdown they will neither process any Tax returns nor will they issue acknowledgements.  a product of Think Trade Inc., The Decade old IRS Authorized E-file Service Provider for Efiling, Federal Excise tax Form 2290 takes the responsibility to alert all its clients, customers & other Excise Tax payers to E-file their Excise taxes before the IRS Efile Shutdown. Since there is no Official notification yet from the IRS, it is highly recommended that you complete your Excise Tax Efiling as soon as possible.

Being pioneers in the Excise tax Efiling industry, we have noticed that most of the Tax payers hold on till the last day to submit their Tax return every month.  Kindly note that any return that is submitted after the IRS Efile shutdown that is most likely to happen before Christmas will be kept on hold and will be processed only when the IRS resumes operations, which will happen only by the first week of January 2019.

Keep following our blog for further updates about the IRS E-file shutdown. You may also reach our tax Experts @ 1-866-245-3918 or write to them @ or chat with them using the LIVE CHAT Option on the Website.

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