IRS Form 2290 tax e-file, Schedule 1 copy in minutes

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 has to be reported to the IRS for commercial heavy trucks weighting 56,000 pounds and more. Heavy Truck Taxes can be filed electronically through It is mandate to efile HVUT for fleet owners or operators with 25 or more units, IRS encourages every truck owners or operators to efile. Efile is very simple, easy and safe. It is as easy as 1-2-3!!!

Why the #1 efile service provider for all the Excise Tax Forms including IRS Form 2290, Form 8849 and Form 720. is rated as #1 by the Excise Tax payers for the value added features, simple flow, no complex questions, most secured and safe efiling experience. Having been in the efile service for more than 5 years now have process more than 50K returns with the IRS. Most of the taxpayers used feels it has saved them time and money, as they have not to travel miles to a IRS office or wait in queue at IRS office to pay Heavy Truck taxes. a tax suite of products from provides a streamlined user friendly online website for filing Heavy Vehicle Use TaxIRS Form 2290. It has many unique features for your convenience and offers seasonal pricing for your benefits. It also provides a special interface for Tax Professionals. is rated as #1 by Heavy Truck Tax filers as said earlier and have more unique features:

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  • Unlimited Vehicle Data Upload
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  • Import details from previous year return.
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Apart from these above said features, you can also claim a credit from IRS or report 2290 amendments electronically through

Is your Gross Weight Increased? Is your Vehicle Mileage Limit exceeded since the recent tax return?

If YES, then you now need to file an Form 2290 Amendment to get the revised Schedule 1 in minutes. Also you can claim your refund from IRS by filing Form 8849 Schedule6 at

Have you down-sized the number of Vehicles? Is your Vehicle reported Low Mileage from the last filed return?

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If Yes, then IRS owe!!! Yes you need to claim a credit back on a Sold/Destroyed/Stolen Vehicle or Low Mileage Vehicle or any other claims at and get it accepted instantly.

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