On Time Tax Filing Could Earn 10% OFF on e-File Fee

On-time filing is rewarding now and you could earn a 10% off from your electronic filing fee. Roughly one in three Americans files their own taxes online, rather than using a professional tax preparer or a paid preparer. If you’re going to file electronically, there are a few ways you can do it.

10% off on your 2290 HVUT returns with Tax2290.com

Whether you’re a individual trucker or a owner operator or a business, big or small, or are self-employed you’ll find e-file for 2290 truck tax returns rewarding with Tax2290.com. Filing 2290 tax returns on time with the IRS, gets you 10% off on your tax preparation and e-File fee. Use code “ONTIME2017” to avail it on all 2290 tax filings.

The Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290, for the tax period July 2017 to June 2018 is due now and Aug. 31. is the last date to complete with reporting and claim back your Proof for Payment, Schedule -1 with IRS watermark stamped on it with the date of filing. 

e-File 2290 and Pay online

Electronic filing options are safe, convenient and secured. You can prepare and report your 2290 tax returns online with the IRS directly and IRS stamped Schedule-1 proof is shared to your inbox right away. E-file is fast and quick, no more driving to a  IRS office booking appointments or standing in line, sitting at home/office you can report and pay 2290 taxes online.

Electronic Payment Options are also convenient, safe and secure methods for paying taxes. You can e-file and pay in a single step by authorizing an electronic funds withdrawal from your bank account. Self-employed filers can also pay by credit card through EFTPS.

No you are still ok with the Pay check option, you can choose to send the check written in favour of U.S. Treasury. Don’t forget to add Your name and address, best Daytime phone number, employer identification number (EIN#), Tax year, Related tax form or notice number for easy identification.

Greater Accuracy with Tax2290.com

When a tax return is filed with 100% accuracy it should get through smoothly and fetch you stamped Schedule-1 proof. When you file online this is often much easier to do. Online filing takes much of the guesswork out of the tax return process ― our software programs do the math calculations for you. You won’t have to worry about it, or what step to take next because the tax2290.com software will show you the way.

Federal Excise Taxes are also due this July 31.

Federal excise tax is collect at the selling point, or at the place a service is offered, then paid it along with the quarterly return to the IRS using Form 720. This is now due for the 2nd Quarter and can be filed online at TaxExcise.com.

Form 720, excise tax reporting is made easy and fast, even once in a year filed PCORI can be done online here. Indoor tanning service excise tax, fuel excise tax, transportation excise tax and many can be reported online with the IRS directly at TaxExcise.com.

PCORI Federal Excise Tax

Prepare your returns on your own and leave the rest with us. Electronic filing is at its best with Tax2290.com and TaxExcise.com, support taxpayers for more than a decade. Rated no. 1 and the most experienced provider for 2290 taxes and federal excise taxes. Call us and talk to us for any support at (866) 245 – 3918 or write to us at support@taxexcise,com, a live chat is also available in our website.