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Truckers! we’re reminding those who used the heavy vehicles on road for the first time in September 2021 since the new tax reporting year started for the federal heavy vehicle use tax filing, since July has the 2290 taxes due this November 1, 2021. This is a pro rated or partial period federal vehicle use tax on heavy highway vehicles. The IRS insist on electronic filing as the best way to complete and pay the Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes (FHVUT), get it processed online and receive the IRS Watermarked Schedule 1 Proof of Payment instantly. At TaxExcise, we power truckers with the smart and fastest service to report and pay the 2290 taxes online through Tax2290. We have a dedicated help desk to guide and help the truckers to complete the 2290 tax reporting, talk to us at 866 – 245 – 3918. Live Chat Support is also available at

IRS Truck Taxes Form 2290 – FHVUT

Form 2290, Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return Preparation – Truckers do not need to visit an IRS office to e-file Form 2290. They can electronically file Form 2290 and pay online any Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax due through an IRS approved provider for Form 2290. Generally, truckers who e-file Form 2290 can receive their IRS-stamped Schedule 1 electronically minutes after e-filing. They can print their Schedule 1 and provide it to their state Department of Motor Vehicles without visiting an IRS office. If they choose to visit a local IRS office, then need to book an appointment in advance to mark the date and time.

Electronic Filing for Tax Form 2290

Electronic filing or E-File is required for reporting IRS Form 2290 and paying taxes on 25 vehicles or more in a tax return. However, all taxpayers are encouraged to file electronically as it allows for quicker processing of your 2290 tax return. When e-filed a stamped Schedule 1 proof can be available within minutes after filing and acceptance by the IRS.

Every trucker or owner operator is insisted to avail the benefits of electronic filing as it is the fasted way of getting your return processed by the IRS, the stamped schedule-1 proof is made available immediately to your inbox.

Pro Rated or Partial Period HVUT Taxes

The 2290 heavy vehicle use taxes are paid for the full tax period covering the 12 months covering July 2021 through June 2022. The normal filing period for a heavy vehicle is July and August. If a vehicle is put to use from July then the 2290 taxes are due by August 31, 2021. If the vehicle is not used for the full 12 months tax period, pro rated taxes or partial period taxes are calculated for the months the vehicle is used.

The heavy motor vehicles that is first used in September 2021 has the due dates this November 1, 2021. The actual due date is October 31, 2021 however it falls on a weekend the next business day falls as the due date.

Form 2290 Call Support

The Tax 2290 filers can get help and guide from our expert team by reaching our support desk at (866) 245 – 3918, also write to us at; live chat support at