Safety, On and Off E-File Application

What do you think is your ultimate source of income? Your job? Your trucks?

Nope. It is safety. You earn because you drive safely. And you keep driving because you have safely driven along the previous time.

Established as a separate administration within the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) on January 1, 2000, pursuant to the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act of 1999, the FMCSA’s primary mission has been to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities involving large trucks and buses. FMCSA works to improve the safety of Commercial Motor Vehicles and to save lives. Now let’s see a series of blogs that would talk about a safety program of FMCSA called CSA, which is very essential to drive safely every time.

The Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA), a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) initiative, introduces a new enforcement and compliance model that allows FMCSA and its State Partners to contact a larger number of carriers earlier in order to address safety problems before crashes occur. From December 2012, it has been making the roads safe for trucks as well as for the public. FMCSA and state partners provide motor carriers and drivers with attention about their potential safety problems with an ultimate goal of achieving a greater reduction in large truck and bus crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

The key attributes that FMCSA sought to incorporate in CSA as said by them are,

This was included to talk about awareness on evolutions in technology and changes in programmatic responsibilities in the transportation environment.

Improves Federal and State enforcement staff productivity, as well as the safety performance of members of the motor carrier community.

 Identifies behaviors associated with safety risk; focuses compliance, enforcement, and remediation efforts on those unsafe behaviors.

Improves safety through the innovative use of technology to track and update safety performance data.

Assesses and evaluates motor carrier safety and enforces Federal laws and safety regulations to ensure consistent treatment of similarly situated members of the motor carrier community.

Be glued to this trucker tax e-file blog space to know more on CSA and what it is all about. At, we are bothered about your safety on and off our e-file application.