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IRS Form 2290 Amendments can be done online!!!

Highway Vehicle Use Tax form 2290 can be reported electronically thorough www.tax2290.com, and IRS stamped Schedule-1 copy can be received in minutes. Through TEXT Alert, you could know the status of your truck Tax return. Enroll to Receive Schedul-1 copy by FAX. No need for you to look for a printer, to print your return to take it to a DMV to register your truck. The IRS stamped copy with IRS efile watermark is accepted across all DMV’s in the states. Continue reading

Refund Claims Form 8849…

Generally you can claim for Refund of Excise Taxes using the Form 8849. Use Schedules 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8 to claim certain fuel related refunds such as nontaxable uses (or sales) of fuels. Form 8849 lists the schedules by number and title.

www.TaxExcise.com now supports efiling claims for all the Schedule in Form 8849. Get instant TEXT alert on the status of your refund return. Continue reading