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Interstate Trucking vs. Intrastate Trucking

Welcome back truckers, hope you’re doing well. Our previous blog was about America’s 5 Most Traffic Congested Places for Truckers, to move around the city with ease, leaving the traffic behind. However, today we’re going to discuss about Interstate Trucking and Intrastate Trucking, throwing light on their differences. We just hope we keep your attention till the end.  Continue reading

Learn the Tips and Tricks to Clear Your CDL Exam

Trucking is no child’s play and if you think it is, you should know the oddities before trying your hands on it. While it is important for truckers to get their commercial driver license, you need to write a CDL test to obtain the same. However, before you begin your preparations make sure to know you are eligible for the same. For example, you should be at least 18 years and at least 21 if you want to drive interstate. If you fall under the eligibility criteria, the next step involves writing the ‘commercial driver instruction permit test’ to obtain your CDIP. Continue reading