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Form 2290 is due November 3oth, 2010 if used first in October 2010.

Tax2290.com – Reminder, Heavy Vehicle Tax (IRS Form 2290) is due Nov 30th, 2010 if first used in October.

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Are you putting your Heavy Vehicle for Sale?

Putting your Truck Sales for Sales?

If you sell a heavy vehicle while under suspension, a statement must be given to the buyer and must show the seller’s name, address, and EIN; VIN; date of the sale; odometer reading at the beginning of the period; odometer reading at the time of sale; and the buyer’s name, address, and EIN. The buyer must attach this statement to Form 2290 and file the return by the last day of the month following the month the vehicle was purchased.

If, after the sale, the use of the vehicle exceeds the mileage use limit (including the highway mileage recorded on the vehicle by the former owner) for the period, and the former owner has provided the required statement, the new owner is liable for the tax on the vehicle. If the former owner has not furnished the required statement to the new owner, the former owner is also liable for the tax for that period.

Proof of payment for state registration

Proof of payment for state registration

Generally, states will require verification of payment of the tax for any taxable vehicle before they will register the vehicle.

Use the stamped copy of Schedule 1 as proof of payment when:

* Registering vehicles with the state, or
* Entering a Canadian or Mexican vehicle into the United States.

If you do not have the stamped copy, you may use a photocopy of Form 2290, Schedule 1, and both sides of your canceled check as proof of payment.

IRS stamped Schedule 1 copy:

In efiling service the Schedule 1 copy will have IRS efile watermark, with received date. This is the valid Schedule1 copy from IRS and accepted across states for registration and proof of payment.

In paper return the schedule 1 copy will be stamped as paid by IRS.