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Take Along a GPS Device on Your Next Ride

Run your memory ten or fifteen years down the lane when you were a kid travelling to a new city with your father. If you could remember, travelling during those days was not easy and required lot of planning. Moreover, one had to stop for several times to know the exact route and be in the right direction. Those times with the mind mostly pre-occupied with the idea of going in the right direction hardly left any time to enjoy nature’s beauty. The fear of getting lost and reaching the place before dark took away the enjoyment of driving down the highway. Thanks to Roger L. Easton, the inventor of the ‘Global Positioning System’ and giving one of the best gifts to those who love to travel or take travelling as their job.

These days, it is common to find many truck and car drivers having attached a GPS device to the windshield of their vehicle. Additionally their increasing popularity has resulted in reduced prices of this device and has almost become a norm to find people use this device to locate a new place and view the direction on map. Using this device has made it possible for travelers to enjoy every bit of their travel and helped truck drivers drive with ease without any fear of getting lost. Feel free to travel anywhere with a GPS device handy with you. Continue reading

What Should Truckers Carry When Behind the Wheel: Find it Here!

Making truckers realize the safety rules and guidelines is what most articles and blogs reflect. Nevertheless, here in this blog we shall bring forth some of the useful and interesting devices that truckers’ can use when behind the wheel. We are sure that using these things can make the driving experience of a trucker smooth and interesting. Read on to learn about the list of things useful for a truck driver. Continue reading