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“Paint the town red On International Women’s day”

Do you know?
The First women trucker was Lillie McGee Drennan in 1929. She earned a Commercial driver’s license & Commercial motor vehicle license. She later became the sole owner of Drenne Truck Line, which was again first trucking company owned by a woman.

It’s crowd-pleasing that March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s day every year. In today’s time, countless women try on trucking alongside the men. Apart from driving, many of the hard working women truckers are into trucking industry from designing, manufacturing to driving them on open roads of harsh society. Most of the women work all day at home for family without day offs. She has to think of her crying baby on laps, husband who might be searching for his sock’s pair, her truck waiting out for its driver and so on… She has got the responsibility to put off their needs while few women fight for women rights, equality & social justice. March (Women’s history month) marks as a perfect chance to shake our hands with such vibrant women for letting them know how important they are. Let’s encourage them and respect them for what they are. No matter whom they are! Continue reading